It’s no secret that what you put in your body directly effects your training goals. You are what you eat. We truly believe that. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or properly fuel your training, we’ve got you covered.

Author and Certified Health Coach, Agathe Regina Holowatinc, MLIS, INHC will lead 45 minute speaking sessions touching on various nutrition topics over the course of 12 weeks. The goal is to educate everyone on hot nutrition topics, debunk myths, help fuel your body for training, guide you towards the best nutrition solutions for your body and help you stay on track. Her mission is to help the people of Bermuda realize massive and measurable success in their healthy eating related goals.

Agathe is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She is trained in modern health coaching, eastern and western nutrition philosophies, and relating the impact of dietary and lifestyle changes on optimal health to others. Her studies included over 100 in depth dietary theories – gluten free, paleo, raw, vegan, macrobiotics and everything in between!

Session topics include:

  • Sept 16th: Fundamentals – The Principles and Philosophy Behind Eating Well to FUEL the Body.
  • Sept 23rd: Deconstructing a Bermudian Restaurant Menu (eating healthy when out)
  • Sept 30th: Travelling and Staying Healthy on the Go
  • Oct 7th: Crowding Out Sugar – Tips and Tricks
  • Oct 14th: Stress or Digest (the impact of stress on digestion and absorption of nutrients)
  • Oct 21st: Healthy Desserts – How to Eat Clean and Still Enjoy Sweets
  • Oct 28th: The Detox Lifestyle – Eating Clean Every Day
  • Nov 4th: Your Gut and the Impact of Environmental Toxins and Toxins Inside the Home
  • Nov 18th: Good Fats/Bad Fats
  • Nov 25th: Protein and Iron for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Dec 2nd: Organic or Conventional? That is the Question
  • Dec 9th: Fuelled Guided Gratitude Practice – Minimize Your Cortisol Production, Release Dopamine, Boost Immunity, Decrease Inflammation, Curb Emotional Eating, Heal Faster, Sleep Better and Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Time: Monday's 6:30 PM


ALL ACCESS to the entire series: $200

Drop ins: $20


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This 12 pack of personal training sessions includes nutrition advice and programming. Training sessions are 45 minutes long. Your coach will provide you with nutrition guidelines and establish healthy eating habits. You will learn to eat clean and nutritious meals to supplement all your hard work in the gym. During your training sessions you can catch up on the progress of your nutrition program with your coach. The goal is to establish healthy eating habits to support your every day life and fitness routine.

Cost: $1,008

Take a 12 week journey with your nutrition coach. We’ll take a hands on approach to reach your goals. Depending on your lifestyle and training routine you’ll be guided to eat certain foods, follow specific macro guidelines or other nutrition strategies best suited for you. You will connect with your coach each week to check in and discuss progress and alter macro guidelines if necessary.

This program works best for people who already have a generally understanding of ‘healthy eating’, are ready to commit and take time to plan and prep to get their desired results. Although recommended, you do not need to participate in Personal Training to participate in this program.

Cost: $300

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