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As many rounds as possible in the given time frame. Varying time limits and creative workouts. Push hard or go at your own pace - get ready to work!

Blast Fit

A cardio based workout with 'blasts' ranging from 5-30 minutes of continuous activity to condition your aerobic fitness. Workouts will focus on high reps, light to moderate weights and plyometrics & agility (this includes running, stairs, skipping & rowing). Class is 45 minutes and for all levels.

HIIT Circuit

An all over body workout . A circuit is more than 3 moves and up to 15 in a rotation. Class is 45 minutes and for all levels.


Metcon (short for metabolic conditioning) is a high intensity, full body interval style workout which is designed to train stamina, endurance and conditioning.

Ski School

Consider this your preseason for your ski trip this year! The goal is to gain necessary strength to avoid fatigue, muscle soreness and injury. The stronger you are the longer you’ll be able to hit the slopes and prevent possible injuries. Class is 45 minutes and for all levels.

TRX Burn

A workout using mostly the TRX suspension training system is a low impact workout accomplishing full body conditioning in 30 minutes.

Athletic Conditioning

The first part of the class will focus on strength work followed by an athletic conditioning segment to finish up. The last part of the workout contains limited rest periods and high intensity work. Class is 45 minutes and requires base fitness.

Flex Fridays

The upper body pump you need before you flex this weekend!


Core work with HIIT intervals in between. Expect core work and a good sweat!

Pilates Mat

A challenging workout focused on core musculature and increased flexibility in an inspiring and fun group setting. All levels welcome.


As outlined on specific days an All Over Body, Upper Body or Lower Body workout focused on building muscular strength. These classes are pure strength workouts aimed at building muscle and strength. Suitable for anyone with a base fitness.

Beyond Booty

The ultimate booty burn. Join this class to tone and shape. You’ll feel the burn. Class is 45 minutes.


A full body high intensity interval training workout mixing bouts of strength and cardio to help build endurance and muscular strength. Expect to work hard and spike that heart rate! This class is typically 50 minutes long.


This class is defined as a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion. One of the most crucial differences between Kinstretch and other approaches is utilizing active range of motion or mobility training to build your foundation. Stretch it out, improve your performance and prevent injuries with this 45 minute session.

Ropes & Rowers

Get a full body circuit incorporating Ropes and Rowers. Propel your athletic performance during this battle ropes and rowing class.


A high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout consisting of eight exercises - 20 seconds of activity alternating with 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes, 8 cycles totaling 32 minutes. It's quick, efficient, and whole body and has profound effects on stamina and fat burning. Suitable for anyone with a base fitness.

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