We offer both private Pilates sessions as well as group classes. April Summerlin is our Senior Pilates Instructor here at Beyond Fitness. A Fort Lauderdale native, she has been enthusiastic about physical fitness and nutrition all her life. When first introduced to Pilates, April immediately became devoted to the principles that Joseph Pilates developed and became a regular practitioner to the authentic method.

In 2008, April decided to pursue her passion by obtaining her comprehensive Pilates certification through Power Pilates of New York. A guest teaching job later led her to Barbados in 2012 and then on to Bermuda where she currently offers traditional Pilates instruction with her own athletic twist attracting clients with various levels, abilities and goals. April loves teaching and furthers her knowledge through various continuing education courses, travel and knowledge sharing with other experts, and of course, dedicated practice. From athletes in training to people with back injuries or postnatal rehab, clients of all ages and different ability levels are able to achieve desired results in April’s studio.


Private sessions are done on the Reformer and Cadillac with use of other traditional and non traditional Pilates equipment including the Pilates Chair, TRX and other props depending on your level. Private sessions can be done solo or with a partner in a duet session. To book a session with April email: april@beyondfitbda.com

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Group classes are done on the mat and sometimes incorporate the use of props. Classes are ideal for athletes training multiple times a week as this class offers a good stretch and works on flexibility. Expect to tone, lengthen and strengthen during these sessions. Your glutes and core will be activated as you flow through traditional Pilates movements. Classes are for all levels.

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